Mullein & Sparrow - Mini Body Oil Duo Gift Set

Mullein & Sparrow - Mini Body Oil Duo Gift Set


An excellent sampler for pampering your senses. This gift set features mini-versions of our luxurious body oils in both lemongrass-mint and french lavender varieties. Perfect for everyone on your list!

Lemongrass-Mint Body Oil
A skin-firming, hydrating and antioxidant-rich oil perfect for all skin types. This aromatic blend is sure to revitalize your senses with the bright scent of lemongrass and the invigorating lift of spearmint.

1 oz

French Lavender Body Oil
Hydrating, regenerative, and rich in antioxidants, this oil fortifies and protects even the most sensitive skin. Formulated with the pure, meditative scent of lavender essential oil from France, this is your go to oil for calming both your skin and your senses.

1 oz
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